Dragon Medical Practice Edition Upgrade

February 8, 2018 – the links in this post has been updated to link to the current product offerings from Nuance and Voice Automated. For more information about the latest version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, click here.  

Still considering whether or not to upgrade your existing Dragon Medical software to the latest version – Version 11?

Why upgrade to Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is: 

  1. New version is 15% more accurate out of the box than version 10.1
  2. Significant improvement in dictation response time and voice commands.
  3. Built for today’s faster computer chips – will run in multiple threads automatically when multi-core hardware is detected.
  4. Easier to use.
  5. Speech Enable your EHR software and stop typing into the subjective fields, (HPI, Assessment, Plan, Conclusions.)

Dragon Medical Practice Edition has been out for a while now and the next release is predicted to be a year away as of this post.

Upgrading to the latest version of Dragon Medical is a smart move.  All of our physicians cite faster response time and better accuracy as their favorite features over previous versions of Dragon.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition will upgrade your Dragon Medical 9 to 10.1 software, so if you are on Dragon Medical 9, please consider upgrading to Dragon Medical Practice Edition right now as there will be no upgrade path after the release of Dragon Medical Practice Version 12.  Once Version 12 is out users of Dragon Medical 9 will be required to re-purchase the software.

Upgrading to Dragon Medical Practice could not be easier.  It’s what’s called a Smart Upgrade.

If you have Dragon Medical already loaded to the PC, simply put the upgrade DVD into the computer and the software will lead you through the upgrade process.

If you are installing on a new PC, it is not necessary to install the old version first.  Simply put the upgrade DVD into the computer and the software will prompt you to put the older version install disc into the computer.  Dragon Medical Practice Upgrade will read the older version disc and then prompt you to put the upgrade DVD back into the computer to finish the installation.

Easier upgrades, faster and more accurate direct dictation of patient reports.  What could be better!

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