Dragon Medical Practice Edition with iPhone

People ask us all the time about using their iPhone with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

To record dictation (an audio file that will later be listened to and typed out) on your iPhone, we like 2 different applications.

1. Philips recorder – a great recorder app that also has the ability to send the recording file by email your email or the person that will be transcribing for you.  – This app is free.  To get started with higher levels or workflow you need to work with a Philips Authorized Dictation/Transcription dealer.  This is more expensive.

2. Dictamus – If you are just one person, this app is really great and goes a step further.  There are more options for file type and routing of the file.  We especially like to use the Drop Box integration in Dictamus. (Make sure you use DropBox Enterprise for HIPAA Security)

With Dragon Medical Practice Edition  on your computer, you can configure it so that when a file comes in via Drop Box from the Dictamus App, it starts to transcribe the recording.  Once that is finished, you can clean up the draft document and finalize it.**

Call us at 800-597-6600 and we’ll show you how to set it up.