SayIt Wireless Microphone for iOS Release 14.1

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 The SayIt wireless Microphone App for iPhone is now in release 14.1SayIt Logo by nVoq

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Issues addressed on this new release are: 

14.1 Release – April 8, 2019
  • Voice Shortcut Audio Meter –  When you record a voice shortcut on the Wireless Mic app, the popup audio meter on the computer running SayIt will appear so that you can visually see that SayIt is responding. (B-14335,  10/25/2018)
  • Instead of Account Lockouts, Usage After Password Change Takes You to Sign In Screen – In the previous version, if you are logged into the Wireless Mic app when you changed your password in SayIt but did not log out of the app and then log back in to it with the new password, the next dictation attempt did not work, and the user was not presented with any error message. Each subsequent dictation attempt would then count as a login attempt, and eventually the user would be locked out of their account. In this release, instead of all of that happening, the user will be taken back to the sign in screen when they tap any button. There they should sign in with their new password. (D-11000, 11/2/2018)
  • Long Theme Text Truncated – If the client has a long name as part of a Theme, the text would be cut off on the app after about 20 or so characters. In this release, the app will wrap long text to show up to 45 characters, which is the maximum length that a name can be as part of a Theme. (D-11113, 2/13/2019)
  • Reduction in Malformed Audio Errors – Issues with audio drop during compression result in a dramatic decrease in “malformed audio” errors. (D-11225, 2/14/2019)
  • Wireless Mic App Strong Password is Required Message – For increased security, when configuring a password on the Wireless Microphone app, the password strength must be “Strong” regardless of what is configured at the division level organization. (Note: This only effects passwords changed on the app itself, including logging in to the app as your initial login with password change required. If your password is set or changed in another nVoq product [including SayIt, Shortcut Designer, or the administrator console] password strength conforms to the setting configured at the division level and can still be used to log in to the app.) When entering a new password on the app, you will now see text that reminds you that the app requires a strong password. A “Strong” password requires at least 8 characters and must contain lowercase, uppercase, number, and a symbol. (D-11180, 3/5/2019)
  • Meaningful Password Error Message – When changing a password on the Wireless Microphone app, if you enter same password in both the Old Password and New Password field or if you enter a password that has been used previously (when not allowed to do so based on division-level configuration), instead of a message that just says, “There was an error when resetting the password,” the messages will now say, “Password cannot be used since it was used previously.”  (D-11179, 3/11/2019)
  • Select and Say Commands Not Working with Fast Shortcuts – When Fast Shortcuts is enabled, the Select and Say commands, such as “Accept Dictation” or “undo”, were not working. This has been fixed by automatically disabling the Fast Shortcut account setting when a voice shortcut is run from the iOS Wireless Mic. All shortcuts, including Select and Say commands, will run via server side matching. (D-11227, 3/20/2019)
  • Microphone Stops Recording, User Sees Transcription Failed Error – When doing back-to-back recordings it was possible to get a Transcription failed error and the microphone would automatically stop recording. This has been fixed. The app will no longer allow a new dictation until the previous dictation has completed processing. The dictation button on the app will not respond until it is ready. (D-11283, 3/20/2019)