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Dragon Medical Practice Edition Drives Use of EMR’s

EMR’s or Electronic Medical Record systems are being adopted by physicians around the country.  These EMR systems were supposed to make things better.  The problem is most EMR vendors built systems to meet stringent CCHIT standards without much attention on the usability of the software.

When physicians do not adopt EMR systems their investment is lost.  Now by giving clinicians the power to dictate while reviewing the full medical record, they readily embrace their EMR system, dramatically accelerating EMR adoption.

The key Benefits of using Dragon Medical Practice Edition with an EMR are:

  1. Dictate anywhere in the EMR in clinician’s own words
  2. Accelerate clinician adoption of EMR systems
  3. Dictate faster and more accurately than ever before
  4. Spend more time with patients
  5. Eliminate transcription costs
  6. Support higher level of reimbursement and reduce denials
  7. Improve clinician satisfaction

Key Features

  • More Accurate Than Ever. 20% more accurate than Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9 – and over 38% more accurate than Dragon Professional 10 when used in clinical settings.
  • EMR Support. Navigate and dictate inside EMR software; History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, Assessment & Plan.
  • Medical Vocabularies. Covers nearly 80 medical specialties and subspecialties. Dictate using your specialty’s vocabulary.
  • Regional Accent Support. Accented speakers get higher “out-of-the-box” recognition with advanced adaptation techniques and accent-specific acoustic models.
  • Supports HIPAA Regulations. Protect patient confidentiality by securely storing speech files.
  • Hidden Mode. Dictate anywhere in the EMR, eliminating navigation between EMR screens and the notes window.
  • DragonTemplates with Voice Fields. Automate form filling applications by adding fields in dictation templates.
  • Medical Formatting Rules. Expands abbreviations and follows capitalization rules. “HPI” can appear as either “History of Present Illness”, “history of present illness”, or “HPI”.
  • PowerMic™ Ready. Program buttons to run any function or user voice command.
  • Voice Automated has implemented Dragon Medical with many EMR systems in the past 10 years. Let us help you with your EMR – Dragon Medical Solution.

Accelerate EMR Adoption with Dragon Medical Today – to get started Call Voice Automated at 800-597-6600. 

Voice Automated has local offices in Southern California 714-969-7632 or 949-350-2745 and in Texas (Houston) 832-606-1372.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition is Compatible with Most EMR Systems Today

Medical EMR

Customers call just about every day to see if Dragon Medical Practice Edition will work with the EMR purchase they are considering.  That’s pretty amazing.

Our experience has shown that medical providers want to ensure Dragon Medical Practice Edition will work before buying an EMR.   This information is crucial, because doctors that have tried the latest Dragon Medical or spoken to other practices that have, know one thing to be true.

Speech-to-text; is the fastest way to capture the narrative sections within EMR systems.

Voice Automated has been working with Dragon Medical Practice Edition since the day it was first released.  Our sales staff, trainers, and integrators, know how to best utilize Dragon Medical Practice Edition with your EMR.

Just in case you wanted to know, Dragon Medical Practice Edition already works with the EMR systems listed below:

  • EMR
  • ABELMed EHR – EMR / PM
  • Abraxas EMR
  • Accel™
  • AdvantaChart™
  • Agastha Medical Records (EMR)
  • AllMeds EMR
  • Amazing Charts
  • ARIA™ Oncology Information System
  • BETTERHEALTH record™
  • Centricity®
  • ChartCare EMR
  • ChartEvolve
  • ChartLogic EMR
  • ChartMaker®
  • ChartWare®
  • Clinical Navigator
  • CureMD PRS®
  • DC Talk™
  • digiChart®
  • Doc-U-Chart ®
  • DoctorAssistant By
  • Doctors Choice EMR™ & Nurses Choice EMR™
  • DocuMed®
  • e-MDs Solution Series
  • e-Medsys™ Electronic Health Record
  • E-Record EMR
  • eClinicalWorks
  • EDIM
  • Electronic Patient Charts
  • eMedRec
  • EmpowER System™
  • emr4MD
  • EMRWorks™
  • EndoSoft®
  • EpicCare Ambulatory EMR
  • Epitomax®
  • Evolution EMR™
  • EyeDoc® EMR
  • EZChart™
  • FreeMED
  • gCare™
  • GlaceEMR™
  • gloEMR
  • Harmony e/Notes EMR
  • HealthPort EMR V9.0
  • Health Probe Professional
  • Horizon Ambulatory Care™
  • iAchieve EHR
  • iDocLocker
  • InSync
  • InteliDOX®
  • Intelligent Medical Software
  • IO Practiceware
  • Janus Health
  • Life Record™ EMR
  • MD-Journal
  • MD-Navigator Clinical®
  • MD Advantage™
  • MDAware® 2.2
  • MDLAND Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Systems 8.0
  • MDSyncEMR
  • MED3000 InteGreat EHR
  • Medamation™ MD
  • MedAppz iSuite
  • Medflow EMR
  • Medi-EMR
  • MediTab
  • Medical and Practice Management (MPM)
  • Medical Practice Solutions
  • MedicsDocAssistant™
  • Medios EHR
  • Medscribbler™
  • MicroMD® EMR
  • MindLinc
  • EHR
  • NetPractice EHR
  • Nightingale On-Demand
  • OfficeEMR™ 2008
  • OmniMD™ EMR
  • OncoEMR
  • Patient Chart Manager
  • PBOmd
  • PeakPractice™
  • PerfectMed™ EHR
  • Phoenix Ortho
  • Physician Practice Documentation (PPD)
  • Power Chart
  • PowerSoftMD
  • Practical Medical Record™
  • Practice 2009
  • PracticeOrders
  • Practice Partner®
  • PracticeStudio.NET®
  • Practice Today
  • PrimeSuite® 2008
  • PrognoCIS™
  • ProgNote/MobileLink
  • Pronto
  • PsychNotesEMR
  • Pulse Patient Relationship Management (Pulse PRM)
  • Quick Notes EMR
  • Raintree
  • Rosch EMR-Allergy
  • SamNotes2000
  • ScriptSure
  • SmartEMR
  • SOAPware®
  • Symplast
  • Team Chart Concept
  • TexTalk Medical
  • The AMCIS Network By
  • The Chart!
  • TheraManager™
  • Touch ED®
  • TransMed
  • Turbo-Doc EMR
  • Unifi-Med™
  • UroChart™ EMR
  • Valant EMR
  • VersaSuite 7.5
  • Visionary™ DREAM EHR 7.1
  • Waiting Room Solutions Practice Management System
  • WebChartEHR
  • Webchart EMR and MIE™ Minimally Invasive™ EMR
  • Wellsoft EDIS
  • workflowEHR™
  • WriteMD®
  • WritePad™ EMR Systems

Call Voice Automated, the Dragon Medical Practice Edition, and EMR professionals. Toll Freee 800-597-6600 Or if you are located in Southern California come by and we’ll show you Dragon Medical Practice Edition in your office.

All EMR names in this blog post are the property of their owners.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition Upgrade

February 8, 2018 – the links in this post has been modified to link to the current product offerings from Nuance and Voice Automated. For more information about the latest version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, click here.  

Still considering whether or not to upgrade your existing Dragon Medical software to the latest version – Version 11?

Why upgrade to Dragon Medial Practice Edition?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is: 

  1. New version is 15% more accurate out of the box than version 10.1
  2. Significant improvement in dictation response time and voice commands.
  3. Built for today’s faster computer chips – will run in multiple threads automatically when multi-core hardware is detected.
  4. Easier to use.
  5. Speech Enable your EHR software and stop typing into the subjective fields, (HPI, Assessment, Plan, Conclusions.)

Dragon Medical Practice Edition has been out for a while now and the next release is predicted to be a year away as of this post.

Upgrading to Dragon Medical Practice Edition Version is a smart move.  All of our physicians cite faster response time and better accuracy as their favorite features in Dragon Medical Practice 11 over Dragon Medical 10.1.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition will upgrade your Dragon Medical 9 to 10.1 software, so if you are on Dragon Medical 9, please consider upgrading to Dragon Medical Practice Edition right now as there will be no upgrade path after the release of Dragon Medical Practice Version 12.  Once Version 12 is out users of Dragon Medical 9 will be required to re-purchase the software.

Upgrading to Dragon Medical Practice could not be easier.  It’s what’s called a Smart Upgrade.

If you have Dragon Medical already loaded to the PC, simply put the upgrade DVD into the computer and the software will lead you through the upgrade process.

If you are installing on a new PC, it is not necessary to install the old version first.  Simply put the upgrade DVD into the computer and the software will prompt you to put the older version install disc into the computer.  Dragon Medical Practice Upgrade will read the older version disc and then prompt you to put the upgrade DVD back into the computer to finish the installation.

Easier upgrades, faster and more accurate direct dictation of patient reports.  What could be better!

Questions?  Call us at 800-597-6600.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition with iPhone

People ask me all the time about using their iPhone with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

To record dictation (an audio file that will later be listened to and typed out) on your iPhone, I like 2 different applications.

1. Philips recorder – a great recorder app that also has the ability to send the recording file by email your email or the person that will be transcribing for you.  – This app is free.  To get started with higher levels or workflow you need to work with a Philips Authorized Dictation/Transcription dealer.  This is more expensive.

2. Dictamus – If you are just one person, this app is really great and goes a step further.  There are more options for file type and routing of the file.  I especially like to use the Drop Box integration in Dictamus. (Make sure you use DropBox Enterprise for HIPAA Security)

With Dragon Medical Practice Edition  on your computer, you can configure it so that when a file comes in via Drop Box from the Dictamus App, it starts to transcribe the recording.  Once that is finished, you can clean up the draft document and finalize it.**

Call me at 800-597-6600 and I’ll show you how to set it up.

Henry Majoue / Voice  Automated