Get the Latest, Most Accurate Allergy and Immunology Vocabulary

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With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, you can enjoy all the latest allergy and immunology vocabulary that you use everyday, automatically updated. Imagine being able to use even the newest terminology without fear of misspells or re-writes. You’ll work faster, more accurately and with greater productivity.

With Dragon Medical’s accurate allergy and immunology terminology, you can more confidently create patient records that communicate complaints and symptoms, using the correct spellings for drugs and procedures, without typos. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 terminology includes everything from immune deficiencies to vaccination histories, precise and thorough, so you can create the quality records you need as an allergy and immunology health care professional.

With Dragon Medical, you’ll enter your notes and reports using your own words to create highly comprehensive records. You’ll even email other professionals, patients or vendors, all by speaking naturally in your own words and using Dragon’s convenient verbal commands. Ultimately, you’ll have more time to do what you do best: treating your patients.


Why Allergists and Immunologists Prefer
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

In addition to Dragon Medical’s specialty vocabulary, specialists in the allergy and immunology field point to the following as reasons they choose to make this version of Dragon Medical Practice their preferred dictation program:


Unsurpassed Accuracy
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has been improved by over 20% over the previous version, adding to what was already an impressive accuracy rate. Compared to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, that accuracy rate jumps to 60% improvement when used in clinical settings.


Extremely Fast Recognition Speed
You’ll love how fast Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 translates spoken words into written content. Even if you have a regional or foreign accent, the program adapts quickly to the way you speak and delivers fast and accurate results.


 Full Featured EHR Functionality
Dragon Medical Practice has everything you need to dictate comprehensive medical records. Everything from patient histories, patient assessment, treatment plans, detailed notes and more are included.


Convenient Hidden Mode
You can enter voice dictation from anywhere in the EHR without navigating from notes to various screens. This saves you time and lets you work virtually hands free.

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