Anesthesiology Subset: Pain

Anesthesiology PainOne of the most popular features of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is its rich collection of anesthesiology vocabulary for pain specialists. If you deal with chronic pain patients, this feature gives you all the specialty terms, phrases and product names you use every day as you enter patient records. Never again need you worry about the correct spelling of a new process or product. Dragon Medical offers the terminology language you need, with automatic updates to the file as new words and products are introduced.

Bottom line? More accuracy and increased productivity. That’s the Dragon Medical Practice advantage to you, the anesthesiologist who treats pain.

Using the specialized medical vocabulary that covers the chronic pain cases you see in your medical practice will offer you the highest recognition and productivity gains. It also minimizes the chance for errors when new terminology becomes available.

With Dragon Medical, you’ll use your own words to create highly comprehensive records. You’ll even email other professionals, patients or vendors, all by speaking naturally in your own words and using Dragon’s convenient verbal commands. By minimizing errors and re-do’s, you increase your productivity and improve your professional services.

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Why Pain Specialists Prefer
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

In addition to Dragon Medical’s specialty vocabulary, specialists in the pain treatment field can enjoy the full slate of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 features, including:

bluecheckmarkThe Highest Level Accuracy Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has demonstrated a 20% improvement in accuracy over our previous version (already pointed to as the industry standard for accuracy). That number jumps to a 60% improvement when you compare it to Dragon Professional 12.

bluecheckmarkLightening Quick Voice to Text Speed
The first thing you’ll notice about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is how fast it performs. Spoken words translate into written words lightening fast. If you speak with a regional or foreign accent, Dragon Medical learns to recognize your speech patterns and adapts it for highly accurate results.

bluecheckmarkIndustry Leading EHR Functionality
Dragon Medical Practice includes the advanced functions and features you need to dictate comprehensive patient records. Out of the box, it lets you enter patient histories, assess patients, set up treatment plans, make quick or in-depth notes and more. It is hands down the preferred dictation program of pain specialists all over the nation.

bluecheckmarkConvenient Hidden Mode
You can enter voice dictation from anywhere in the EHR without navigating from notes to various screens. This saves you time and lets you work virtually hands free.

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