Cardiology Practitioners: Improve Dictation Accuracy with Dragon Medical’s Cardiology Vocabulary

Cardiology Image If you’re a cardiologist, you’ll love to hear about the comprehensive library of cardiology terminology built into the acclaimed new Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. Imagine never having to look up the correct spelling of a technical term again…or having to proof and reproof your documents to ensure you’ve spelled that new drug correctly. Dragon Medical can take your productivity to a whole new level.

Thanks to Dragon Medical’s collection of the most up-to-date cardiology terminology, you can confidently create patient records using the correct spellings for practice-specific drugs and procedures. Our terminology collection includes all the most current words and names in the cardiology field, helping to ensure that the records you create are as accurate as possible.

Simply dictate your notes, and Dragon Medical automatically spell checks all medical terms for you. Want to email the record to another medical professional? No problem. You can do that from within the program, without ever closing it down or switching to an email program. That means faster results and less wasted time.

Why Cardiologists Prefer
Dragon Medical:

In addition to Dragon Medical’s specialty vocabulary, cardiologists point to the following reasons why Dragon is their dictation program of choice:


Uncompromising Accuracy
Each version of Dragon Medical just gets better and better. In fact, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has been improved by over 20% over the previous version, and compared to Dragon Practice Edition 1 or 2  it registers a 60% improvement.


Very Fast Word-To-Text Speed
You’ll immediately be impressed by how fast Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 translates spoken words into written content. That makes your dictation tasks faster and less of a chore. Dragon Medical is impressively effective with foreign or regional accents, too. The more you use it, the better it interprets your spoken words.


Full Featured EHR Creation
If you create health records of any kind, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is the ideal tool. It easily creates patient histories, patient assessment, treatment plans, detailed notes and more.


Convenient Hidden Mode
Our newest version is even more intuitive than previously. Enter voice dictation from anywhere in the EHR without switching from screen to screen. Work faster, smarter.

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