Dermatology Specialists:

Dragon Medical Speaks Your Language.

Dragon Medical for DermatologistsDermatologists can enjoy the comprehensive dermatology terms vocabulary that comes with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. When you’re creating EMR’s, you have access to the all the latest dermatology terms, phrases and product names. This library of medical and industry terms is constantly updated, so never again will you have to worry about the correct spellings of new processes, phrases or words.

In other words, Dragon Medical helps you to attain increased accuracy and productivity. No wonder so many dermatologists prefer it over other, less feature-rich programs.

Using the specialized dermatology vocabulary to achieve a higher standard of EMR’s can reflect positively upon you as well, both among your peers and among patients. Dragon Medical will serve you well for years to come.

Not only will you be able to use your own words to create highly comprehensive records, but you can also easily email other professionals, patients or vendors by using Dragon’s convenient verbal commands. Again, you increase your productivity and improve your professional services.

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Why Dermatologists Prefer
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

In addition to Dragon Medical’s specialty vocabulary, dermatologists can enjoy the full slate of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 features, including:

bluecheckmarkAccuracy You Can Count On
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has demonstrated a 20% improvement in accuracy over the previous version of this program (already pointed to as the industry standard for accuracy). And compared to an older version like Dragon Professional 12, the accuracy improves by 60%. For accuracy alone, upgrading to this latest version is a smart professional move.

bluecheckmarkImpressively Fast Voice-to-Text Speed
You’ll love how fast Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 changes spoken words to text. Even if you speak with a regional or foreign accent, the program quickly adapts to you, the user, and renders accurately with blazing speed.

bluecheckmarkIndustry Leading EHR Functionality
Dragon Medical Practice includes the advanced functions and features you need to dictate comprehensive patient records. Out of the box, it lets you enter patient histories, assess patients, set up treatment plans, make quick or in-depth notes and much more. It is hands down the preferred dictation program of Dermatologists across the nation.

bluecheckmarkConvenient Hidden Mode
Enter voice dictation from anywhere in the EHR without navigating from notes to various screens. This saves you time and lets you work virtually hands free.

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