Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Specialists:
Create Records with The Most Accurate Terminology.

Endocrinology Doctor taking patient blood sugar Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 includes the very latest terminology used by specialists in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism health care. If this is your specialty, this collection of all the latest words, drug names, and other terminology can help ensure that, as you dictate, the most current and correct spellings are entered into the document.

This feature is vital in creating a document as accurate as possible. It’s good for the patient and good for you, the health care professional.

When peers review your records, they expect to see the most accurate spellings in your field. Dragon Medical helps you achieve this. It also saves you time in proofing and reproofing your dictation, so you have more time to do what you do best: treating your patients.

The terminology library can also help ensure that emails you send from within Dragon Medical contain the most accurate spellings. That’s not just a good idea professionally, but legally as well. With the many new features in the latest version of Dragon Medical, you can perform many functions with easy verbal commands, without changing screens or even clicking a mouse.

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Why So Many Specialists Rely On
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

The Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism terminology library is just one reason so many leading professionals choose Dragon Medical. Our latest edition is our highest performing version to date:

blue check mark endocrinology dictation pageExtreme Accuracy
Out of the box, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 gives you a 20% improvement in accuracy over our previous version (already acclaimed as the industry leader among medical dictation programs). For users of an even older version like Dragon Professional 12, the improvement jumps to 60% greater speech-to-text accuracy overall.

blue check mark endocrinology dictation pageVery Fast Voice-to-Text Speed
You’ll be impressed the first time you use Dragon Medical, and each time thereafter, at just how fast this program converts spoken words into written text. It easily handles both regional and foreign accents, and quickly learns your speech patterns.

blue check mark endocrinology dictation pageEHR The Way It Was Meant To Be
Dragon Medical has a relatively short learning curve, especially with our online or phone training programs. You can be efficiently entering patient histories or treatment notes and observations within minutes. The program is extremely intuitive, so you can create the high quality EHR records you need with little effort.

blue check mark endocrinology dictation pageConvenient Hidden Mode
Now you can enter voice dictation from anywhere in the EHR without navigating from notes to various screens. With so many verbal commands, you work faster and, for many functions, virtually hands free.

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