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ent practitionerWhen you order Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, you receive a built-in vocabulary file filled with all the specialized vocabulary used in your ENT practice.

So when you’re creating EMR’s, Dragon Medical gives you access to the all the latest ENT terms, phrases and product names you use every day. Even better, Dragon Medical automatically updates your files so you’re always using the industry’s most current and accurate spellings of new processes, phrases or words.

The ENT vocabulary gives you clear advantages through improved accuracy. As you dictate your notes, Dragon Medical Practice compares your input to its most recent vocabulary files. Imagine: you’ll never again have to spend time spell checking your work or looking up correct spellings of ENT terminology, phrases or even drug manufacturers. That saves you time so you can concentrate more on your patients. For the ENT professional, the Dragon Medical vocabulary helps ensure the highest standards of record entry, and your peers and patients will thank you for it. No wonder it’s a favorite feature of ENT providers everywhere.

Now you can confidently create quick or comprehensive records or even emails from inside Dragon Medical Practice–all using the most accurate ENT spellings. End result: you increase your productivity and improve your professional services.

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Why ENT Practitioners Choose Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

Let’s sum it up. From the standpoint of speech-to-text entry, Dragon Medical provides exactly what you’re looking for:

bluecheckmarkAccurate Spellings of the Latest ENT Terminology
In fact, our newest version of Dragon Medical delivers 20% greater accuracy than the previous version, solidifying its position as the industry leader. If you happen to own an older version of Dragon such as Dragon Professional 12, you’ll enjoy an accuracy increase of as much as 60%. No wonder your peers in ENT speak so highly of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. It’s that good.

bluecheckmarkSuper Efficient and Lightning Quick Voice-to-Text Speed
Imagine a program that translates your spoken words to text almost as fast as you speak them. That’s Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. Speak…and instantly review, sign and make your notes available for other clinicians. It works for medical professionals of all types, even those with a regional or foreign accent.

bluecheckmark Highest Standards in EHR Functionality
Dragon Medical Practice sets the bar for EHR transcription. With very little training (which we can provide you), you’ll find yourself entering patient histories, assessing patients, laying out treatment plans, making quick or in-depth notes and much more.

bluecheckmarkConvenient Hidden Mode
Dragon Medical Practice Edition works just like you do. Doctors told us they don’t like having to page all through a program to enter records, so we simplified the process. Now you can enter voice dictation from anywhere in the EHR without navigating from notes to various screens. This saves you time and lets you work virtually hands free.

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