Hematology Practitioners: Improve Accuracy
with Dragon Medical’s Hematology Vocabulary

Dragon Medical Hermatology TerminologyHematology terminology is constantly changing. That’s why so many hematologists rely on the always current collection of hematology terminology available with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.

For the hematology practitioner, this means always having the correct spelling of specialty terms as you dictate patient records. Simply speak, and Dragon Medical immediately transcribes your spoken words into the correctly spelled hematology term. This can greatly improve not just your accuracy, but the speed with which you create patient records.

No more going back to look up correct spellings of new drugs. Our specialty vocabulary features are constantly and automatically updated.

This also comes in handy when you want to email a colleague or other professional. You can now do that from within Dragon Medical. No need to open your email program. That’s just one more way Dragon Medical makes your job easier and more accurate.

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Why Hematologists Pick Dragon Medical Again And Again:

Dragon Medical has more of what you need for creating professional patient records:

bluecheckmarkUnfailing Accuracy
Our current version is more accurate than ever before. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has been improved by over 20% over the previous version, and compared to Dragon Professional 12, it registers a 60% improvement.

bluecheckmarkSpeedy Word-To-Text Transcription
Create Electronic Health Records in record time. In fact, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 transcribes your notes almost as fast as you can dictate them, even if you have a regional or foreign accent. It actually adjusts itself to recognize your speech patterns, and transcribes your words correctly. The more you use it, the better it interprets your spoken words.

bluecheckmarkFull Featured EHR Creation
Dragon Medical is the ideal tool for health care professionals looking to improve their efficiency in order to have more time to spend with patients. It easily creates patient histories, assessment, treatment plans, detailed notes and more.

bluecheckmarkConvenient Hidden Mode
Our newest version is filled with all kinds of productivity upgrades. Even something as simple as letting you enter voice dictation from anywhere in the EHR without switching from screen to screen. Work faster, smarter.

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