Do You Specialize in Infectious Disease?
Dragon Medical Now Speaks Your Language.

Doctor Reading While Sitting At DeskAs an infectious disease specialist, you have enough on your plate without worrying about the correct spellings of the latest terminology in your field. That’s why Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is available with a complete collection of the most current infectious disease terminology.

As you dictate patient notes and records, Dragon Medical automatically spell corrects all industry terms, including words unique to your field, product names and even manufacturers. Even better, we constantly update this collection, so you never have to worry about the spelling of new words that come out during the year.

We know how important it is for health care providers to have accurate records. This important feature from Dragon Medical helps ensure that your records are as accurately spelled as we can make them.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is our most accurate program ever–and that’s saying something for the program already known for its speech-to-text accuracy. An additional benefit is knowing that, as you pass records along to consulting peers, you’re giving them the highly accurate records they expect from a fellow professional. If your specialty is infectious disease, Dragon Medical’s specialty vocabulary feature should be a critical tool in your practice.

This accuracy extends to emails that you can now send from within Dragon Medical. Any infectious disease terms you use will be automatically checked and, if necessary, corrected. All automatically. That saves you time as never before.

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Why Infectious Disease Practitioners Choose
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

Dragon Medical has all the features you need for creating patient records:

bluecheckmarkAccurate Spellings of the Latest Infectious Disease Terminology
How accurate? The newest version of Dragon Medical is 20% greater accuracy than our acclaimed previous version. If you own previous versions of Dragon Medical such as Dragon Professional 12, the improvement in accuracy soars to 60%.

bluecheckmarkVery Fast Voice-to-Text Speed
Convert your spoken dictation to text almost as fast as you can speak the words. You can immediately see the text appear. Then all you need do is file it or send it to other clinicians. If you have a regional or foreign accent, Dragon Medical actually learns to recognize your speech patterns and quickly renders the correct text.

bluecheckmarkHighest Standards in EHR
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 sets the bar for quality EHR and minimal learning time. In our experience, we’ve be able to get most users up and running in just a few minutes, especially with our convenient online or phone training. You’ll find yourself comfortable entering patient histories, assessing patients, creating and documenting treatment plans, making quick or in-depth notes and much more.

bluecheckmarkConvenient Hidden Mode
Doctors told us they don’t like having to drill down multiple levels of a program to enter records, so we made the new Dragon Medical the most intuitive ever. Enter your notes from anywhere in the EHR without switching through multiple screens. You’ll work faster and spend more quality time serving your patients.

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