Is Internal Medicine Your Specialty?
We Have Your Terminology.

Use Dragon Medical for Internal Medicine EHREver struggle with the correct spellings of the latest terminology in internal medicine. Struggle no more–Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 comes with a complete, automatically updated library of all the most commonly used internal medicine vocabulary, including product names, manufacturers and other terminology specific to your field of practice.

In a field where accuracy is critical, this feature is an absolute must for the practitioner who transcribes patient records and notes.

All you do is speak and the program interprets with an extremely high degree of accuracy. In fact, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is our most accurate program ever–and that’s saying something for the program known far and wide as the industry leader. As you dictate notes and reports into the patient record, Dragon Medical Practice compares your input to its most recent vocabulary files. If it finds errors, it corrects them automatically so you don’t have to go back and retype. You get the most accurate spellings for your patients, and provide the kind of quality documents you feel confident about as you pass them along to peers. If your specialty is internal medicine, Dragon Medical’s specialty vocabulary feature is indispensable.

Incidentally, we’ve made it easier than ever to email your documents without ever leaving the program. Just input an email address, click a button or two, and you’ve sent the document. Our most efficient program ever speeds up your documentation and email tasks to its highest productivity level ever.

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Why Internal Medicine Practitioners Choose
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

Here in a single, powerful package is everything you need to confidently and quickly create accurate internal medicine patient records:

bluecheckmarkAccurate Spellings of the Latest Internal Medicine Terminology
The newest version of Dragon Medical is 20% greater accuracy than our acclaimed previous version. Compared to other versions such as Dragon Professional 12, the improvement in accuracy is 60%. In today’s litigious world, this is the kind of accuracy you absolutely must have.

bluecheckmarkI Voice-to-Text Speed
Convert your spoken dictation to text almost as fast as you speak them. Instantly review the report, and if appropriate, sign and send notes immediately to other clinicians. By the way, Dragon Medical adapts very well to regional and foreign accents, too.

bluecheckmarkHighest Standards in EHR
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 sets the bar for quality EHR and for learning time, as well. Most users are up and running in just a few minutes, especially with our convenient online or phone training. We can very quickly have you entering patient histories, assessing patients, creating and documenting treatment plans, making quick or in-depth notes and much more.

bluecheckmarkConvenient Hidden Mode
Doctors told us they don’t like having to drill down multiple levels of a program to enter records, so we made the new Dragon Medical the most intuitive ever. Enter your notes from anywhere in the EHR without switching through multiple screens. You’ll work faster and spend more quality time serving your patients.

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