Do You Specialize in Rheumatology?
Here’s How Dragon Medical Saves You Time.

multiple joint arthritis both hands xraySpecialists in rheumatology can speed up their patient record dictation through the time-saving new collection of rheumatology terminology available with the latest edition of Dragon Medical.

All the latest rheumatology terms are included, everything from drugs to manufacturer names, common phrases and more. So when you dictate a term, Dragon Medical transcribes it correctly every time. No need to go back and proof your work for correctly spelled terminology. We’ve done it for you. .

Not only does this save you time, but it helps assure that your patient records are as accurate as you, the medical care professional, would want them to be.

How does it work? You simply dictate your remarks and notes into the patient record as you normally do, and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 immediately compares your spoken words to its built-in rheumatology library. Any misspells are corrected instantly.

That’s good to know whether you’re sharing documents with peers or simply storing a record of your treatments. Dragon Medical is the dictation tool you need for the most accurately transcribed medical terms ever.

It’s working even when you send out emails from within the Dragon Medical program (yes, you can do that). Your records are correctly spelled, and so are medical terms you may use within your email.

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Why Rheumatology Specialists Prefer
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 delivers all the features you need to produce highly accurate patient medical records:

bluecheckmarkAccurate, Precise Specialty Terminology
The new Dragon Medical directly improves your transcription of medical terms–one of the most common flaws in medical records. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is our most accurate edition to date–20% more
accurate than the previous edition. If you own an older version like Dragon Professional 12, the improvement
in accuracy is as much as 60%.

bluecheckmarkImpressively Fast Voice-to-Text Speed
You’ll love how fast Dragon Medical transcribes your words to text. It’s lightning fast. Quickly review the text and, if appropriate, sign and send immediately to other clinicians. Users with accents find that Dragon Medical recognizes their speech patterns and adjusts over time to a very high rate of accuracy.

bluecheckmarkUnsurpassed Ease of Use
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 sets the standard in easy-to-master patient records dictation. As a new user, you can be confidently using the program in minutes, especially after you receive our convenient online or phone training. You’ll quickly find yourself entering patient histories, assessing patients, creating and documenting treatment plans, making quick or in-depth notes and much more.

bluecheckmarkIntuitive Navigation
It’s easier than ever to use Dragon Medical, with minimal switching from screen to screen. The program is more intuitive than ever before, and busy medical professionals appreciate that. Bottom line is that you will work faster and spend more quality time serving your rheumatology patients.

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