Nuance Dragon Medical One

Nuance® DMO to Go provides the convenience of carrying Dragon Medical with you wherever you go.

Key-chain. Suitcase. Pocket. Your choice.

Your portable USB stick will provide the following

  • Portable standalone Dragon Medical One software installation
  • Quick access to the Dragon Medical One installer.

All you have to do is plug in the USB stick to the a compatible device

  • Launch the portable version (great when you would like to use the software without having do go through the hassle of install/uninstall, or
  • Install the DMO software on the device.

In order to use Nuance® DMO via USB you must have

  • An active subscription purchased from Nuance
  • Internet connectivity
  • Laptop or Personal Computer with Windows™ 7 or greater

Note: Nuance® DMO via USB can be run on a Macintosh computor with Parallels or Bootcamp running Windows 7 or greater.

This product does not include any software or subscription, it’s only the software media on a flash drive.

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