SayIt Microphones

SayIt works best with an approved microphone – Get one today!

Voice Automated provides microphones for SayIt
Voice Automated regularly reviews and rigorously tests dictation devices for compatibility with the SayIt Cloud dictation solution by Nvoq. The devices listed below have been approved for use with SayIt™.

SayIt Wireless Mic App Microphones below

Microphones for iPhone or Android running the SayIt Wireless Recorder App on Itunes Store or Android

iRig Mic Cast


1) Most Bluetooth headsets are not recommended for use with SayIt at this time. From our testing, most Bluetooth headsets introduce noise artifacts that create a noticeable impact on speech accuracy. We continue to monitor industry developments in this area.

2) Before purchasing any microphone device in quantity, be sure to confirm functionality and suitability of that device in your specific environment.

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… SayIt is Amazing…… Roger Katz M.D., Santa Monica