Dragon Medical One

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The Dragon® Medical One platform has brought the power of Nuance® industry-leading speech recognition software in the cloud so your staff can be productive anywhere.

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The patient story should be dictated by clinicians-not technology and location limitations. Dragon Medical One offers the most effective and easiest to use medical speech recognition for medical professionals that dictate in multiple locations.  You will be able to seamlessly dictate anywhere from multiple exam rooms to multiple locations with ease. The application resides on the cloud and can be installed on almost any Windows® based tablet or computer.


Dragon® Medical One is a revolutionary cloud-based speech-recognition solution for your medical practice.

Dragon® Medical One gives clinicians the freedom to dictate patient documentation, including patient histories, treatment plans, notes, billing information, and more, from anywhere, not just from your computer or dedicated workstation.

Navigate with ease through cumbersome EHR templates, dictate emails and other documents, and free yourself from the computer and even from the office with Dragon® Medical One. Whether you’re with a patient or heading home for the day, Dragon® Medical One allows you to instantaneously create secure digital documentation.

Dragon® Medical One is so easy and convenient to use, medical practices have been able to meet and even exceed EHR adoption goals. Since Dragon® Medical One is cloud-based, it means your data and patient documentation is safely and securely stored outside the office.

With no per device limits, and cloud storage, everyone using the solution can speak freely and have their digital documentation stored for as long as necessary.