Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 provides automatic transcription directly into your EMR or medical template.  Save time and money with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

Free next day shipping and lifetime training
Dictate directly into your EMR
Diagnostic and EHR/EMR integration provided


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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

The fastest, most accurate speech recognition software for medical based dictation.

At Voice Automated, You Get A Lot More Than Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 – All Orders Include:

Lifetime Free Training Support – FAST Track Start-up – Go online with one of our Dragon Medical Dictation pros with 20 years experience and get dictating accurately to your EMR or documentation system the same day.

Shipping is always FREE at Voice Automated!

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 works with all major EMR Systems like Practice Fusion, Epic, AllScripts, Centricity, NextGen, EclinicalWorks, TotalMD, MediTab, AllMeds and More…

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 comes with a USB headset but can also be bundled with a handheld microphone such as the PowerMic III or Phillips Speech Mike Premium Touch

The latest member of the Dragon Medical family, it’s designed and priced especially for smaller practices to help clinicians accelerate adoption of their chosen EHR. Using Dragon Medical Practice Edition ensures clinicians document care more completely and “in their own words.” Clinicians using Dragon
Medical solutions have experienced substantially greater satisfaction than clinicians who use the EHR without Dragon Medical.

Available for practices of 24 physicians or less, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is 99% accurate “out of the box” and includes medical vocabularies covering nearly 60 medical specialties and sub-specialties. It allows clinicians to dictate in their own words, generating “once and done” documentation, which they can then review.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition lets clinicians use a narrative format to dictate the elements of a patient encounter where clinicians need to document care in their own words, including the History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, Physical Examination, and Assessment and Plan.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition supports HIPAA patient confidentiality guidelines, a critical requirement for any practice concerned with patient confidentiality.


Below is a summary of the newest features and capabilities of the Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Major Features and Enhancements

Recognition accuracy

Type with your voice with up to 99% accuracy. As compared to the previous version, the Dragon Medical Practice Edition is 20% more accurate.

Smart configuration

The Dragon Medical Practice Edition runs on different hardware, from small netbooks
to high-powered servers. The software automatically identifies the hardware and
sets up the recommended settings. This technology runs in multiple threads automatically when multi-core hardware is detected to provide superior performance.

Recognition analytics

The Dragon Medical Practice Edition automatically detects poor audio input and lets the user know how to best fix the situation. This lets the Dragon Medical Practice Edition use the best audio there is — an important factor for precision.

Recognition speed

The Dragon Medical Practice Edition has a much more efficient recognition response time. The
software is better than the older editions in terms of selecting application menu items by audio or executing voice commands that dictate action (e.g., “underline page,” etc.).

Smart corrections

The new Dragon Medical Practice Edition can identify when a user dictates something and retypes. This misrecognition is, thus, rectified and the Dragon Medical Practice Edition makes the correction to adapt to the user’s profile. This leads to an overall enhancement of the software’s accuracy over time.

Help system and tutorials

The Help system comes with new tips and visual suggestions. It consists of a redesigned tutorial, short videos, and details such as an index or glossary.

Flexible input

You can use your iPhone and Android phones for recognizing speech input.

Navigating the computer desktop

The Dragon Medical Practice Edition is now equipped with more voice commands to show the common Windows® elements and folders such as My Documents and My Pictures. These recent commands allow users to easily switch to the window they want. Dragon Medical makes this easy by displaying a numerical list for the user to be able to just say the number of the specific window in question. Furthermore, the Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows shorter instruction titles for starting applications.

Improved playback

Improved rewind and fast-forward functions are present, allowing users to have better control over the volume and speed.

Initial training time reduced for digital recording devices

It is now a much faster process to be able to create a new user profile for a digital recorder. It is similarly a faster process to add a digital recorder as a new audio source for an existing user profile. The minimum reading time of the recorder of the Dragon Medical Practice Edition has been reduced from 15 minutes to just 4. This means that medical personnel will be able to cater better to their patients and spend more time providing patient care.

A Selection of Other Major Features and Enhancements

Supports HIPAA guidelines

The Dragon Medical Practice Edition supports an encrypted network file storage system. This protects sensitive patient information and keeps it confidential, helping your organization satisfy the HIPAA confidentiality agreement.

EHR support

Medical professionals can access the EHR application software to navigate and dictate as necessary. The Dragon Medical Certification Program is compatible with most EHR vendors’ latest releases.

Improved Hidden mode

While reviewing lab or radiology test results, users can dictate in the EHR and save the audio files when finished.

Medical vocabularies

The Dragon Medical Practice Edition contains the ability to recognize multiple vocabularies, covering more than 90 medical specialties and subspecialty vocabularies. This implies a high dictation and jargon accuracy for this profession.

PowerMic III™-ready

You can now program your PowerMic III to run a Dragon Medical Practice Edition function or user voice command.

Medical formatting rules

This intelligent software automatically expands on medical abbreviations and capitalizes medical terms accordingly.


Its Command browser shows user commands.


This provides text and graphics commands with a voice field. Users can create these commands in the MyCommands Editor. Users can also speedily automate form-filling applications.

Accuracy Features

Regional accent support

Dragon Medical Practice Edition comes equipped to handle regional accents of non-native speakers, and can easily understand a variety of American accents, such as Deep South.

Medical Bluetooth® acoustic model support

The exciting new acoustic software makes recognition much easier for your Bluetooth headset.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Shipment Type

Physical Shipment, Digital Download

Technical Specifications

System Requirements:

  • CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core or equivalent – AMD processor (IMPORTANT: SSE2 instruction set required)
  • Processor Cache: 2MB
  • Free hard disk space: 5 GB
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM for XP and Vista, and 4 GB for Windows 7, 8 and 2008 64-bit/2012
  • Microsoft internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or equivalent sound card supporting 16-bit recording
  • USB or DVD-ROM drive required for installation

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 8, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP2, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3, 32-bit only
  • Window Server 2008, SP1, SP2 and R2, 32-bit and 64-bit (Windows 2008 R2 64-bit SP2 Only)
  • Microsoft Windows 10


  • Dragon Pad
  • Word Pad
  • Note Pad
  • Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 (32 & 64 bit), 2013 (32 & 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Word Perfect x5, x6
  • Apache Open Office Writer 3.4
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10
  • RIA IE9
  • Mozilla Firefox 8+
  • RIA FF 12+
  • RIA Google Chrome 16+
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird x3 and up
  • Lotus Notes 8.5
  • FTC in Gmail and Hotmail thanks to RIA plug-in

A web connection is required for activation during installation. The software checks your system for minimum requirements; if they are not met, Dragon will not be installed.