SayIt Cloud Dictation for Veterinarians

From: $68.00 / month and a $495.00 sign-up fee

SayIt – the alternative cloud-based speech recognition solution

…costs a fraction of the competition
…works on my Mac AND my PC
…doesn’t tie me down with a long term contract
…gives me the choice of voice or voice-less shortcuts
…makes my EHR bearable



Where would you rather spend your time, Typing or Treating?

No-brainer, right? But, how? With SayIt Cloud Dictation — the accurate and affordable speech recognition solution for vets.

See for yourself why SayIt is a no brainer for your veterinary practice.

SayIt™ speech recognition can help you save 25% or more documentation time each day! Just point your cursor to where you’d normally type and “SayIt”. Your speech becomes text in seconds – stored right in the system of record. Even drug names and veterinary terms.

SayIt Cloud Dictation is more accurate, flexible, and less costly than competitors!

  • SayIt works anywhere there’s Internet
  • SayIt is cloud-based, you don’t have to install any software! No IT experts
  • Use with your Mac AND your PC — use your iPhone for a wireless mic!
  • Try before you buy, pay as you No-obligation trials available.

Toll Free: 1-800-597-6600

SayIt is a cloud-based speech recognition solution that makes clinical documentation less painful. Real time dictation accurately converts the spoken word to text in seconds. SayIt is hosted securely in a U.S. data center and supports veterinary specialties.

With no-risk trials and affordable subscription pricing, see for yourself the difference SayIt can make in your practice!

dictation software for veterinarians

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Technical Specifications

  • Windows or Mac based Operating system
  • Java
  • Approved Microphone