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Out of the box Affordability.
Out of the Ordinary Performance.

With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, creating high-quality clinical documentation at the
point of care has never been easier.

Our name has everything to do with getting things done through spoken language. We help our customers capture voice and turn it into action.

We sell solutions using software and hardware products from companies such as Nuance, SayIt, Philips, Olympus, Sony, VXi, Andrea, Acoustic Magic, Sennheiser, and more…

Voice Automated becomes a trusted partner with your company to assess problems and deliver solutions that save time and money & improve workflow.

We offer project management services, dictation software training, software integration, and technical support.

Voice Automated is an authorized provider of SayIt Healthcare Cloud Dictation

We’ll examine your situation and work with you to locate the best voice technology solutions to satisfy your requirements.

Voice Automated – a leading voice in dictation and transcription for over 20 years.

Voice Automated is an Authorized Nuance Provider of

  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4
  • Dragon Medical One
  • Dragon Legal
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional software.