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Dragon Medical Practice Edition FAQ

How is Dragon Medical Practice Edition Licensed?

Potential buyers and existing users of Dragon Medical Practice Edition get confused when it comes to how Dragon Medical Practice Edition is licensed.

To understand Dragon Medical Practice Edition Licensing, simply know that, 1 User of the software per 1 license of the software. Each user can install a single license on up to 4 computers.

We get asked all of the time, questions such as, “I have another physician that works here for a few hours a week, do I have to purchase another license of Dragon Medical Practice Edition for that user?” The answer is, yes. Even though each license can be installed on up to 4 separate computers, there are several reasons why a separate license is required for each user.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition eliminates transcription costs for physicians and other healthcare workers in medical settings. This alone is worth the price of admission! Nuance deeply understands the needs of healthcare providers and has included many other time saving features in the software. With each license of Dragon Medical Practice Edition, you receive customizable medical templates, a comprehensive set of medical vocabularies, and the ability to create time saving commands that streamline operations that previously involved many time consuming keystrokes.

If you need multiple licenses of Dragon Medical Practice Edition, please call us direct at 800-597-6600 for a quote.

Can Dragon Medical Practice Edition transcribe speech recordings?

We are asked this question often. The quick answer is no. But you can record interviews or lectures with a digital recorder and listen and re-dictate into a trained Dragon Profile.

Dragon Speech Recognition technology is speaker dependent, which means Dragon learns to transcribe for your voice and speech patterns. To transcribe a lector or someone during an interview you would have to create a user profile for each speaker. In the case of an interview – the interviewer and the interviewee would have to have profiles and you would need two computers running Dragon – one for each person. Each person would have to speak in a dictation style which just doesn’t work for the purpose of an interview. In the case of a legal deposition, a certified court reporter uses a stenograph machine to capture everything everyone is saying during an interview.

Will Version 11 work with a 64-bit operating system?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition now supports the 64-bit operating system. We have seen amazing results with the release of the Dragon Medical Practice Edition on 64 bit computers.

What are technical specifications required by Dragon Medical?

The CPU and the amount of system RAM in a PC is the most important factor for choosing a PC for Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

We recommend the Intel i7 CPU’s with clock speeds of 2.5GHz or faster the most often but note – do not get the low voltage i7 which is designed for longer battery life and not speed.

The next best CPU to get and one which 50% of our customers have because they are more affordable is the i5 CPU. Although not as fast as the i7, the i5 is adequate for many Dragon Medical Practice Edition users.

The i3 CPU, which is the least expensive and one the one many bargain shoppers opt for will not yield the results Dragon Medical Practice Edition users are looking for.

The RAM or computer memory is important. Users will need more RAM for Win 64 bit systems and still more if you will be running EMR systems and/or word processing software such as MS Word. We recommend a minimum of 6GB RAM for optimum performance with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

RAM speed. The lower the speed the less expensive the RAM – we recommend RAM running at 1333 MHz to 1600MHz. This will deliver superb performance for Dragon Medical Practice Edition and your EMR or other word processing system.

In Summary: Get a Windows 7 (or greater) operating system with an Intel i7 Processor and 8 + GB of RAM or higher. Don’t forget to purchase a good microphone certified by, or else the fastest computer you can afford will not matter.

Does Dragon Medical Practice Edition work over a Remote Desktop Connection?

Though Dragon Medical Practice Edition has RDP capability we would be careful with going down this road at this time (Dec 2012.) There are many complications that can arise due to bandwidth limitations. At we have avoided this type of setup after testing it in our own environment. If you are interested in Dictation workflow in the cloud – contact us at [email protected]

Does Dragon Medical work over Citrix Presentation Server?

Yes Dragon Medical Practice Edition does work over Citrix but with the expense involved in setting up a cloud type infrastructure, Citrix Presentation server and the results you will want to avoid going in this direction. has tested it in our cloud infrastructure with the PowerMicII. The results were well… underwhelming. Once again as stated in the RDP question, bandwidth was an issue. If you could control the bandwidth at all times this might be a solution but then you have the problem of synchronization the audio channel.

For larger medical practices with over 24 physicians or in hospital settings the use of this type of technology is almost required. The Dragon Medical Network 360 Edition is designed for this and has a feature called vSync which synchronizes the audio channels for optimum use.

Does Dragon Medical Practice Edition allow for multiple input devices?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows you to create new input devices for your existing user profile without training a new user. Dragon Medical Practice Edition lets you choose from many different types of input devices including, PowerMicII, USB audio Device, Microphone-In (just plugging the headset directly into the soundcard of the PC) and Digital Recorder.

Are there wireless handheld devices for use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

Yes for capturing dictation. You can download apps on your IOS or Android device to capture dictation on the go and then transfer those dictation files to your computer for Dragon Medical Practice Edition to transcribe them.

How do I upgrade from Dragon Medical 10.1 to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1?

Upgrading from the old Dragon Medical 10.1 to the latest Dragon Medical Practice Edition is easy. The upgrade is shipped to you as a DVD and has a very smart feature. If you do not have Dragon Medical loaded to your pc, simply put the old install disc in when asked and the new Dragon Medical Practice Edition will read it and then complete the installation as if the old software were already loaded.**NOTE – the newest version of Dragon Medical  is Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 – to upgrade from this you must have Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2  Which is Release 12**

Can I let my assistant use my copy of Dragon Medical Practice Edition to do dictation also?

Well you can but it would be breaking the license agreement. Dragon Medical Practice Edition requires each user that has a profile for dictation on any computer that Dragon Medical Practice Edition is loaded to have a license.

Are there wireless handheld devices for use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

Yes. Philips makes a wireless microphone called the Philips SpeechMike Air which works great with Dragon Medical Practice Edition. We have some practices that have standardized all installations of Dragon Medical Practice Edition with this particular microphone.

What EHR’s are affected by the Preferred/Pro restrictions?

Dragon Professional and Preferred have been released to not work in any Windows-based EHR products. Any Windows based EHR’s currently working with a non-medical version of Dragon will be updated in future releases.

I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Why should I upgrade to Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

A few reasons. First Dragon Medical Practice Edition is optimized for Medical workflows and includes medical template and normals. Second, the program is designed to work with EHR’s. Dragon Pro and Premium are locked out of working with most Windows based EMR systems. Third – Dragon Medical Practice Edition has over 60 Medical vocabularies which represent the words used by each of the medical specialties. In addition these vocabularies are programmed to respond back with proper medical formatting. You could say 20 milligrams three times a day by mouth but Dragon Professional or Premium would never respond back with: 20 mg PO t.i.d. and vice versa. Dictating use the Latin instruction can be automatically translated to general English!

This is just one of the 100’s of formatting rules included in Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Does Dragon work on Macintosh computers? – Not any more
Nuance discontinued all Mac based products in late 2018.

Dragon is designed for Windows operating systems. However, Nuance distributes MacSpeech Dictate Medical for use on the Macintosh operating system. (Call us at 800-597-6600 for more information on Dragon Medical for Mac) Also, you can use an Apple product called Bootcamp to load a copy of the Windows 7,8,10 or higher OS to your Mac and use Dragon Medical on your Macintosh computer that way. To learn how to get this setup, please contact us  

Is Dragon available in more than one language?

Dragon is available in American English, Australian English, Asian English, Indian English, UK English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The French, Italian, German and Spanish editions also support English. And the Dutch edition supports English, French and German.  We only carry the English editions here in the United States.

What wireless headsets are compatible with Dragon Medical Practice Edition for dictation? recommends the VXi VoxStar UC wireless Bluetooth Microphone with a 5 Dragon Rating  

Is there a free trial for Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

There is no free trial software or download of Dragon Medical Practice Edition but we do have a no questions asked money back guarantee for 30 days.