PowerMic 4

Introducing the PowerMic 4

With PowerMic, EHR workflows work for clinicians

Ideal for dedicated Dragon Medical dictation workstations, clinicians can use PowerMic to dictate the patient story directly into their EHR. PowerMic 4 combines a robust, ergonomic USB microphone with a fully functioning mouse built in.  Also, customizable function buttons  accelerate workflows and avoid constant switching from microphone to mouse to keyboard.

PowerMic 4

Unidirectional noise‑cancellation microphone + high pass filter eliminates electrical interference

  • 30% larger pointing device
  • Two additional programmable buttons for customization
  • Smooth surface buttons make disinfection even easier
  • Supports a variety of magnetic mounting options
  • Compatible with Dragon Medical One 2021.4 SR1, Dragon Professional Anywhere 2021.4, and SR1 SpeechKit SDK 2021.4