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By increasing efficiency, streamlining workflows, and hastening reimbursements, Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 has something for most members of your medical practice, from physicians to administrators to support staff.

Spend more time with your patients, providing quality patient care, and less time in front of a computer, inputting notes and client information, using the best in speech-recognition software today, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 – Designed for physician practices, Dragon Medical Practice Edition achieves 99% accuracy out‑of‑the-box without requiring any voice profile training by amplifying a next generation speech engine with 90 medical specialty vocabularies combined with acoustic models based on the unique way physicians speak.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Upgrade Package


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 –  introduces a faster and more accurate technology with enhanced features that streamline the process of dictation, navigation, and record completion. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is up to 22% more accurate than previous versions and includes over 90 specialty and sub-specialty medical vocabularies with regional accent support. Using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, physicians dictate fully HIPAA compliant patient records in real-time into their EMR in their own words.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 with PowerMic III 


Give your Dragon Medical software a power boost by adding the Nuance PowerMic III. The PowerMic III from Nuance is specially designed for enhanced physician productivity, providing ergonomic control of both standard dictation and speech recognition functions. The PowerMic III microphone offers simplified, thumb-control operation for dictating, navigating, reviewing, and editing speech recognition generated documentation. The PowerMic III when paired with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, allow physicians to type directly into to your EMR saving time on tedious patient documentation and saving money on transcription costs.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 with SpeechMike Premium


Dragon Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 delivers cutting-edge technology and efficiency to the clinical environment. The Philips SpeechMike Premium desktop microphone is built with the latest technological advances in desktop dictation. The SpeechMike Premium’s decoupled microphone ensures clear speech recording raising the accuracy results of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. With a touch sensor that replaces a trackball for navigation, the SpeechMike Premium is will ensure accuracy while being easy to clean, making it perfect for medical environments.

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