Dragon Medical Practice Edition Vocabularies

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 knows your medical specialty

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Software includes over 60 medical specialty vocabularies. Included in these contextually smart vocabularies are common words to all doctors, like the general medical vocabulary and the specialty words and phrases for your specialty.

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See the list of 60 Medical Specialty and Sub Specialty Vocabularies below:

Dragon Medical Specialty Vocabularies  – More than Just Words

  • All Medical Vocabularies built from a General Medical Base
  • Each Medical Specialty Vocabulary contains words and phrases unique to that specialty
  • Each Vocabulary contains Brand and Generic Drug Names Updated with each Dragon Medical Practice version release – Easily add new Drug names to the vocabulary
  • Prescription instructions formatted correctly – Say, “Cetirizine 10 mg po qd  or Zyrtec 10 mg po qd”  – everything is formatted correctly
  • Also use bid, hs, od, os, pc, prn, q2h and more…

Contextual Correctness

Not only are your unique medical words included but how they are most commonly used.  When a clinician dictates, Dragon Medical Practice Edition knows the most common phrases of each specialty.

With each new release of Dragon Medical Practice Edition, Linguists and Programmers always refining the Vocabulary.  This is why you see such gains in speed and accuracy with each new release of Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Customizable Vocabularies:

Dragon’s Vocabularies come pre-loaded with most every word or phrase you will need and are ready to be customized even further. Use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4’s Vocabulary Editor to add words unique to your practice

  • Add the names of other doctors you get referrals from or give referrals to
  • Add patient names
  • Add new drug names
  • Add names of local medical centers
  • Add a name or medical term like BP and tell Dragon you want to say, “Blood Pressure and have BP appear or vice versa

All of the most commonly used abbreviations used in medical dictation are already included in Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Screen Shots from Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4’s Auto-Formatting Feature