Family Medicine Practitioners:
Get The Specialty Terminology You Need.

Medical otitus examination of child doctorFamily medicine practitioners can enjoy the very latest terminology in their specialty when they use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. Each program includes the most recent vocabulary in the family medicine field, automatically updated so you’re always using the very latest and most accurately spelled terminology.

Receive our large library of the most current family medicine terminology. And because Dragon Medical updates the files regularly, you never have to spend time looking up correct spellings of new words or product names that are introduced as part of this fast evolving field. It’s an absolute must for the practitioner who cares about both accuracy and professionalism.

As you dictate notes and reports into the patient record, Dragon Medical Practice compares your input to its most recent vocabulary files. You’ll always have the most correct spelling…and therefore, the professional quality patient data you feel confident passing on to peers. In a field where accuracy is so critical, Dragon Medical Practice delivers the excellence your sense of commitment demands. No wonder it’s a favorite feature of family medicine practitioners everywhere.

Now you can confidently create quick or comprehensive records or even emails from inside Dragon Medical Practice–all using the most accurate spellings. End result: you increase your productivity and improve your professional services.

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Why Family Medicine Practitioners Choose
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

For all your report transcriptions, Dragon Medical delivers the features family medicine practitioners prefer:

bluecheckmarkAccurate Spellings of the Latest Family Medicine Terminology
The newest version of Dragon Medical has once again confirmed its leadership position, with 20% greater accuracy than the previous version. It’s an even greater improvement over earlier versions such as Dragon Professional 12, increasing accuracy by as much as 60%. As a medical health care pro, this is the kind of accuracy you cannot afford to ignore.

bluecheckmarkThe Fastest Voice-to-Text Speed
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 converts spoken words to text almost as fast as you speak them. Now you can speak, review, sign and send notes immediately to other clinicians. Even if you have an accent, Dragon Medical adapts to your speech patterns and ensures accurate results.

bluecheckmark Highest Standards in EHR
Dragon Medical Practice sets the standards in patient records transcription. You can learn to use Dragon Medical very quickly with our online or phone training, and in minutes you’ll be comfortably and efficiently entering patient histories, assessing patients, creating and documenting treatment plans, making quick or in-depth notes and much more.

bluecheckmarkConvenient Hidden Mode
Doctors told us they don’t like having to drill down multiple levels of a program to enter records, so we made the new Dragon Medical the most intuitive ever. Enter you notes from anywhere in the EHR without switching through multiple screens. You’ll work faster and have more time to spend with your patients.

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