Are You A Nuclear Medicine Specialist?
Let Dragon Medical Make You More Efficient.

Doctors looking at an X-rayIf you’re a specialist in nuclear medicine, you’ll find the constantly updated collection of nuclear medicine terminology inside Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 very helpful. It’s one of the most complete anywhere, and a handy assist when you dictate patient medical records.

The collection includes correct spellings of all the latest and most current nuclear medicine terms, drugs, manufacturer names and other vocabulary you use in your practice. The key advantage of this is always having the correct spelling of complex terms in patient records without having to look up in a medical dictionary. Dragon Medical transcribes it correctly every time.

Everything happens automatically. As you dictate the medical record, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 automatically locates the correctly spelled terminology and transcribes it correctly.

Not only does this make for a more accurate patient record, but it makes you look more professional when you share those records with referring health care providers. This gives your patients a more accurate record, and makes you look good professionally.

It even works with emails you create from within Dragon Medical. No more embarrassing misspells that you regret later. Dragon Medical has you covered.

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Why Nuclear Medicine Specialists Choose
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

Hands down, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has more of what you need to create quality patient records:

bluecheckmarkAccurate Transcription of Medical Terminology
Accuracy is critical in patient care and patient records. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is our most accurate program ever–20% more accurate than the previous edition. If you own an older version like Dragon Professional 12, the improvement in accuracy is as much as 60%.

bluecheckmarkImpressive Voice-To-Text Transcription Speed.
Imagine having your words transcribed almost as fast as you can speak them. That is the kind of speed you’ll experience with Dragon Medical. This means you can complete your notes in a shorter time, leaving you more time for patient care. It even works well with foreign or regional records. The more you use it, the more the program learns you speech patterns and transcribes more accurately.

bluecheckmarkVery Short Learning Curve.
You can be using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 very quickly, especially after you receive our convenient online or phone training. You’ll quickly find yourself entering patient histories, assessing patients, creating and documenting treatment plans, making quick or in-depth notes and much more.

bluecheckmarkIntuitive Navigation
Dragon Medical’s logical menu makes for much easier navigation through the program. The need to switch screens has been minimized. The program is more intuitive than ever before, and busy medical professionals appreciate that. Bottom line is that you will work faster and spend more quality time serving your nuclear medicine patients.

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