Trial and Subscription

To sign up for the free 7-day trial of Dragon Medical One, visit the official signup page. Follow the instructions on the website to complete your registration for the trial.

After signing up for the Dragon Medical One trial, schedule your setup appointment to ensure a smooth start. Use the scheduling link to book your appointment. This step is crucial for familiarizing yourself with the software and ensuring proper configuration during your trial period.

After the free trial, Dragon Medical One requires a $525 startup fee and $99 per user per month, including an app for wireless microphone use on iPhone/Android. Promotional rates may offer the subscription at $79 per month for the first year.

No, you will not be charged an implementation fee upon renewal.

Setup and Installation

After purchasing Dragon Medical One, if there’s an issue activating your ID, you can be set up with a temporary ID to start using the software right away. Check your email for the temporary account details and a welcome kit, which will include full functionality while the original user ID issue is resolved.

After signing up for Dragon Medical One and receiving your Dragon PowerMic 4, you should receive an email with setup instructions. If you cannot find this email, contact support and they will resend the necessary information to get you started on both your desktop and laptop.

To reinstall Dragon Medical One on your PC, request an installation file link and code by contacting customer support. They will send the necessary link and code directly to your email, allowing for a smooth reinstallation process.

Account Management

To reset your password for the Dragon Medical One account, use the provided password reset link. Your username for logging in is your email address. Follow the instructions on the page to set a new password.

To update your credit card information, visit the order page at account order. Scroll down to the “Current payment method” section, where you’ll find the option to “change payment method.” Here, you can add your new credit card details. If needed, you can reset your password using the provided link, with your username being your email address.

To cancel your Dragon Medical One subscription, send an email to [email protected], including your order number for reference. If you haven’t received a response previously, follow up with the support team, ensuring you mention any previous communication attempts and provide relevant details such as the order number for efficient resolution.

The renewal date for each order is displayed on the order page in your account. If you’re unable to locate this information, customer support can provide you with the renewal dates for each of your orders upon request.

Equipment and Integration

To use Dragon Medical One and have the device but need the app, sign up for a free 7-day trial to get started. After the trial, you can explore purchasing options for continued use. Your user ID for login will be your email address.

While Nuance does not offer wireless options for their PowerMics, Philips SpeechMike models are available, such as the Philips SpeechMike Air Wireless SMP-4000 and its bundle with the AirBridge wireless adapter. For Nuance products, the PowerMic 4 is an option, and there’s a coupon code available for $100 off: pm4b. For more details or to make a purchase, visit the provided links to the products.

Yes, Dragon Medical One is compatible with Novarad systems. Assistance is available during the trial to ensure seamless integration, especially for users setting up new workstations on laptops.

Yes, Dragon Medical One includes a Radiology language model, enabling radiologists to efficiently dictate and manage reports. A free 7-day trial is available for those interested in exploring its capabilities.

Dragon Medical is designed to work only on Windows 10 or 11 and does not support Mac, iPad OS, or Chromebooks. However, the PowerMic mobile app is compatible with iOS, allowing use on iPhone devices for microphone functionality, but not the Dragon Medical software itself.

Adding and Managing Users

Yes, you can purchase multiple licenses for Dragon Medical One. Each user will be priced individually. Once you add another subscription to your cart, the team will contact you to collect the new user’s name and email address for setup and then send you the rebate check.

To add a second user to your Dragon Medical One subscription, add another subscription to your cart at the same price as your current one. After checkout, email the new user’s first and last name and email address to [email protected], and they will get them set up for you.

Dragon Ambient Experience (DAX) CoPilot

DAX CoPilot is an AI assistant add-on for Dragon Medical One, designed to enhance the dictation experience by providing advanced support and automation. It requires a separate onboard fee of $650 for setup and support, with a monthly charge of $600. A free trial is available for those interested in testing its capabilities.

The DAX CoPilot trial, which enhances the Dragon Medical One experience, is available for 14 days free of charge, allowing users to explore its features without any financial commitment.

No, there is no setup fee required to start the DAX CoPilot trial. This enables healthcare professionals to evaluate the system’s capabilities in their clinical workflow without upfront costs.

The cost of DAX CoPilot is $600 per user per month, with an additional initial professional services fee of $650 for the first user and $250 for each additional user. Licenses are assigned to individual users, allowing flexibility in who within an organization utilizes DAX CoPilot.

Individual providers can use DAX CoPilot without the requirement for the entire hospital system to adopt it. Licenses are purchased for individual users, offering a scalable solution for various healthcare environments.

DAX CoPilot is seamlessly integrated into Dragon Medical One, meaning users do not need a separate microphone or additional equipment to use DAX CoPilot functionalities.

No, a separate microphone is not needed for DAX CoPilot when used with Dragon Medical One. The system is designed to work with the existing Dragon Medical One setup, ensuring a streamlined user experience.

As of the conversation, DAX CoPilot does not directly integrate with EHRs. It operates alongside Dragon Medical One and the PowerMic Mobile app, with the text being transferred into the EHR in a manner similar to Dragon Medical One. Integration specifics, especially regarding institutional Dragon through EPIC, may require further confirmation due to ongoing developments in integration capabilities.