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Medical Customers

Roger Katz M.D. , Los Angeles CA
I have been a customer of Voice Automated for 10 years now and appreciate their dedication and knowledge. They have been an indispensible part in helping my practice to be more efficient with Dragon Medical and the EMR systems we have had over the years.

James Black M.D., Austin TX
This stuff works. I am amazed at how well Voice Automated was able to get Dragon Medical working to completely eliminate my transcription costs. I have been working with them for years and when I call they’re always there with an answer to my question.

Joanne Jensen, Office Manager – Arizona Orthopedics
I was skeptical that Dragon Medical would work for my doctor, an orthopedic surgeon for over 20 years, but Voice Automated kept with us to deliver a solution that worked. Their patience and expertise were greatly appreciated.

General Business Users

Dragon NaturallySpeaking User
“Seven years ago I started a job as a consultant that requires extensive writing of narratives and comments. I thought that my poor typing skills would improve with practice, but it was not the case. After about four months of struggling, I was ready to throw in the towel because of the long hours of typing. At that time I was not even aware of the existence of this technology, but thought that something had to be out there, and decided to go out to an Office Depot and see what was available. To my surprise and delight I found Dragon, which I bought right away; 15 minutes later I was dictating! I could not believe it! Dragon saved my job. I use the English and Spanish versions of it, not only for my work but also for chatting and composing e-mails.”

Raymond Kidalowski – Businessman
“I have meetings with several people daily and need to keep track of the content of these appointments for compliance purposes and to make sure all of the projects discussed will be accomplished. After a meeting, first I go to my client management files and dictate a detailed summary of the whole meeting. Next I go to my word processing software and dictate a brief letter to the client with bullet points of what is to be accomplished and by whom. Finally I use that summary letter as an outline for my staff so each person knows what is required of them. Dragon software takes this task which formerly required 30 to 45 minutes per meeting and reduces it to less than 10 minutes. Over the course of the week I am saving hours worth of time.”

Legal Customers

A public defender in Alaska:
“I have used Dragon for more than ten years, and expect I will continue to use it for as long as I use a computer. For me, the most remarkable thing about Dragon is that I seem to use a different part of my brain when I write by speaking, rather than manually and so writing is transformed from a painstaking, study-each-word-three-times-before-you-choose-it to a seamless act of composition, one which flows as naturally as saying something to a friend. There is something about dictating that eliminates the feedback circles between my original thought and my product. This means that my dictated writing is much faster, much fresher, and often much more creative. The other reason I couldn’t do without Dragon is for creating chronologies of historical fact, because I can use both hands to move from one document to another, and dictate brief notes on the facts at the same time, without moving from document-to-keyboard-to-document. Since the process of creating notes is so effortless and so fast, I tend to record a lot more information about each document than I would if I were writing manually, and so my notes are much more valuable than they would otherwise be. I use Dragon for many other purposes, as well. There’s no better way to make a fast, complete, and accurate memo of a telephone conversation or a contact. I use it to write long emails, both personal and professional. I use Dragon for drafting legal briefs and memoranda of law as well and find that the pleadings I have written through dictation are livelier and more readable than the others.”

A Contract Analyst with the University of California:
“My job involves contract preparation, legal analysis, and communicating with a wide variety of people in California and elsewhere. I use Dragon to sketch out ideas, legal analyses, and narrative in draft form, mostly. I use it as an aid to thinking; sometimes words and phrases come out as a jumbled pile, but there they are, and I am able to select what is useful and valuable, and move on to the next idea. Sometimes ideas arrive in complete sentences, needing only an occasional snipping and pruning here and there to make a finished product. Other times in the course of a dictation session, the same idea will come out in several different ways, and then I get to choose the most effective way to move forward. I still go through numerous drafts, but the overall quality of the work has measurably improved. My enthusiasm for Dragon is unbounded. In the more than 20 years that I have used computers for writing legal pleadings, briefs and legal memoranda, and written communication of every sort, it is one of the few products I would recommend to anyone. The more I use it, the more I want to perfect my skills. I am not one to whom oral presentation came naturally; but Dragon is helping me with that, too. I still write with pen and ink, and I still type letters, documents, and e-mails, but that has become like driving in stop and go traffic when I would rather be out on the open highway.”

Genevieve Martin:
“I was unable to write or type due to surgery on my writing hand. I began using Dragon every day to write briefs, prepare emails, and write letters and memoranda. During that time, I could not even have my secretary prepare items I had dictated because I could not write to correct and revise the drafts. Although my secretary was a bit nervous when she first saw me using Dragon, she has learned that it would never be a replacement for her valuable assistance; rather, it would be the extra “right hand” I needed. While my hand healed completely, I have continued to use Dragon regularly, both professionally and personally. It has revolutionized my written work and has continued to be my extra “right hand.”

“When I have an important oral argument in court, I prepare it the same way I would actually make it in court, i.e., composing by speaking using memory and notes. I usually speak it multiple times to build fluidity and to help remember what I’ve said. However, every version I speak has differences from every other one. Some are turns of phrase I like; some are re-phrasings and some are whole new points or whole new ways of making an existing point. In the past, I’ve recorded the versions so that if there are things I particularly like in various versions I have them again. Theoretically. In some instances, particularly if my speech is lengthy it is very time-consuming to locate a particular bit unless I know that it is right near the beginning or the end. I’ve often find it to be more trouble than it’s worth. Enter the Dragon. I can capture the versions on paper. Since I can speed-read, but I can’t speed-listen, I can visually scan for whatever I’m looking for in a fraction of the time it would take to listen. I will sometimes find things I didn’t remember saying but end up using. Also, I can use a document comparison program to redline changes from one version to another and pick up subtle changes, which would not be very feasible without Dragon’s terrific accuracy. An added benefit is that it is much easier to judge the quality of the oral presentation by reading it than by listening to it, and in particular to be sure I’ve “connected all the dots” of my arguments. Finally, reading the speech is an additional memory aid. I hope this can help others (except opposing counsel) enjoy the many efficiencies of Dragon.”

Matthew Simone:
“I think back to the time when I happened to be browsing through an electronics store and came across Dragon back in 1997. I have used Dragon exclusively since that time. Never had it become more important than that day in February 2007 when I was diagnosed with leukemia. I am a solo practitioner and for the most part not all that techno-savvy and use the two finger method of typing. You can start to see my problem. I was struggling to juggle my career and health issues. To make matters worse, I immune suppressed, which limited my ability to be in contact with people, even my own staff. This is where Dragon NaturallySpeaking came to the rescue. With the help of Dragon I was able to communicate with staff and clients, create drafts of legal documents and in general be productive again without concern for my limitations. It was an intricate part in helping me to who go through what I have come to call the “process”, professionally and personally. Sometimes words cannot express the gratefulness one has for something as simple as a word recognition program and other technology to a person like me.”

“A trip to the emergency room confirmed my fears. I had broken my right wrist and was looking at surgery and weeks before I could use it again. Returning to my office the next day, I fretted about how I could complete my brief due in less than a week. Another attorney in the office uses Dragon and suggested I try it. I purchased the wireless 10 version and was amazed at how simple it was to set up, even with my right arm in a splint. I started to use it immediately with relatively few errors and few problems with voice recognition. I was able to dictate my brief and compete it on time! For the next few weeks as my arm healed and I went into physical therapy, I did not lose a single day of work (or a single billable hour) due to my inability to use my hand. I still use my Dragon and find it saves me a tremendous amount of time. The wireless headset allows me to move about my office pulling documents from files and books from shelves all the while dictating.”

Tom Koenig:
“As an attorney, Dragon has been an invaluable tool for writing briefs, arguments and various correspondence. Recently I have been assigned to a task requiring hours of tedious data and text entry into a program that generates a legal document for filing. I have made extensive use of Dragon to more efficiently complete this task, often without the use of the keyboard at all. This last March, I had my first skiing accident, which resulted in my left arm being broken near the wrist. This of course made typing a problem, but when I returned from my ski trip I was able to step right back into my assignment without much difficulty by doing most of the data entry using Dragon and my mouse. No matter how fast I may have been able to type before, I would not have been able to match my pre-injury speed and efficiency if it had not been for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.”