Turning your voice to text used to be somewhat of an issue for medical professionals. Today, there are many solutions available – one of which is cloud-based voice to text applications. Medical Speech Recognition has gone the way of the cloud but before the cloud there were many desktop speech recognition applications that worked quiet well.  

These Desktop Speech Recognition applications still present a few problems that the new cloud based solutions solve, such as:

  • Each users voice profile needs to be on all computers where you will dictate.
  • Networking user voice profiles required physical networks and servers.
  • You must have a microphone attached to each computer. (the Cloud versions still use microphones attached to the computer but also offer iPhone and Android apps that allow users to use their smartphone as a microphone.
  • If Windows was updated, there could potentially be issues.  
  • When troubleshooting different problems on speech recognition desktop applications you had to get access to the computer when the doctor was available.  
  • Some computers, especially virtual desktop systems widely used in medical settings, simply dont have enough power. 

Benefits of cloud-based voice to text

Companies such as Nuance can host Dragon Medical One in the cloud and Since 2000 Nvoq created SayIt Healthcare Cloud Speech Recognition which has always been in cloud. Both companies securely host their applications on powerful Neural networks with artificial intelligence and enough computing power to run a mission to the moon. Both companies meet HIPAA standards.

Both Dragon Medical One and SayIt solve the problems of desktop voice recognition software and add a nice benefit when it comes to microphones.  

Cloud applications are not tethered to the desktop so you can now use your smartphone as a microphone by downloading an app from the software manufacturer. The logins on both the desktop and the smartphones tie the dictation session together, and you can use the app for your medical voice to text needs anywhere.

In the cloud, users voice profiles are stored securely. When you make changes to your voice profile by adding new vocabulary words, new commands, or other custom features, they are then available wherever you need to dictate.

Voice Automated provides both Dragon Medical One and SayIt Healthcare Dictation.  We recommend either software and can help providers make a sound choice when choosing which one fits their needs best.