Announcing Dragon Medical One 2020.1

Dragon Medical One 2020

Building on the excitement of a new decade and continued strong market demand, Nuance is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to our Dragon Medical One and PowerMic Mobile solutions. This new release bundles industry-leading product innovations, significant new usability features, online training, a renovated resource center and much more.

One change you may have noticed is that we have adopted a year-based versioning scheme for both Dragon Medical One and PowerMic Mobile. All product releases will now follow a 2020.X.Y naming convention, where X indicates the calendar quarter. This versioning scheme will make it easier to track product interoperability and end-of-life schedules

Virtual assistant skills
Nuance continues to lead the industry in conversational intelligence with the introduction of virtual assistant capabilities embedded in Dragon Medical One. Clinicians can now use a single tool to retrieve clinically relevant information and document the patient encounter. Our first embedded skill, Clinical Content Search, leverages UpToDate® by Wolters Kluwer and allows users to ask natural language questions such as “Hey Dragon, show me treatment options for pediatric hypertension.” and “Hey Dragon, what are common symptoms of rosacea?” This new skill will be available to all Dragon Medical One customers at no additional charge and without having to upgrade the desktop client. Please contact your customer success executive for more information on how to enable this skill.

Improved hands-free support
Previous versions of Dragon Medical One introduced the concept of wake up word which, allowed clinicians to use their voice to turn the microphone on and off. This workflow is ideal for specialties that require a hands-free operation. The always-listening feature extends this functionality by allowing you to configure Dragon Medical One to start in standby mode. Previously, clinicians would need to press the microphone button once to start recording and then subsequently use their voice. When configured to start in standby mode, clinicians can say “wake up” to start recording.

Single sign-on
As a cloud healthcare provider, Nuance has a strong focus on security and privacy, a focus that continues in Dragon Medical One 2020 with the introduction of a single sign-on feature. This function will allow you to federate your Active Directory and enable a single sign-on function for your users. It helps improve physician satisfaction by not requiring additional authentication while still maintaining the highest possible security standards. Please contact support for more information on how to enable this feature

Administrator messages for PowerMic Mobile
Starting with the 2020.1 release of PowerMic Mobile, hospital administrators will be able to send messages to clinicians that are using the mobile application. Using the messages function in the Nuance Management Center, you can send “message of the day” type communications that your physicians can view from within the application

Miscellaneous features

The 2020.1 release also contains the following features and notable bug fixes.

Improved basic text control. For applications where dictation at the cursor is not supported, you can enable basic text control to simulate this behavior. This feature is enhanced to provide better support for spacing and capitalization between utterances and improved new line and new paragraph support. Note that basic text control must be explicitly enabled. Please consult the Dragon Medical One administration guide for more information.

  • Easier Citrix deployment. When deploying Dragon Medical One as a virtual application in a Citrix environment, you no longer need to install separate audio or PowerMic extensions. These extensions are now included in the core Dragon Medical One application installation. If you have older extensions installed, they should be removed. The client extensions for Citrix still need to be deployed, but they no longer need to be re-installed when you upgrade the Citrix receiver.
  • More detailed audio error messages. If an audio error occurs during recording, Dragon Medical One will provide more explicit error messages as to the root cause of the issue to help troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Enhanced Linux thin client support. The latest eLux RP 6.0 Operating System is now supported on Fujitsu Futro Thin clients.

Server-side enhancements
One of the many advantages of the Dragon Medical One cloud-based architecture is that Nuance can introduce significant new functionality that does not require a client-side upgrade. These cloud-native features will be available to all versions of Dragon Medical One when launched

Online training
Dragon Medical One is simple and easy to use. A first time user can just press the microphone button and start talking. However, Dragon Medical One also has some very powerful features that can further improve physician productivity. We also recognize that training a large number of busy clinicians can be a logistical challenge. To that end, we are pleased to announce the availability of self-paced online training. Using this offering from Nuance University, your clinicians can explore topics ranging from PowerMic Mobile installation and configuration to creating auto-texts and much more. To access online training, your clinicians can say “open training” to access the course catalog. The training can also be accessed from the Dragon Medical One help menu. This resource is available to all Dragon Medical One users free of charge and does not require an upgrade of the desktop client.

Connectivity checker
As a cloud-native program, Dragon Medical One requires fast and reliable network connections. To ensure peak performance, Nuance has introduced a simple network connectivity checker. This simple tool, which can be run by administrators and clinicians, checks to ensure that all Nuance cloud services are reachable from your facility. At the same time, it measures the performance of the network connection. Users can invoke the tool using a variety of simple voice commands such as “is Dragon down” or “check my connection”. It is available to all Dragon Medical One users and does not require an upgrade of the desktop client. The tool can also be used from 3rd party Nuance cloud speech-enabled applications such as Epic Haiku and Cerner PowerChart Touch

Online resource center
A redesigned and consolidated our online resources into a single, centralized knowledge base and repository. This resource center will provide access to software and documentation for both Dragon Medical One and PowerMic Mobile and a library of new feature video vignettes, support information and more.

Questions, issues, or requests:
If you have any questions, issues or requests on the operation or deployment of this release, please contact Voice Automated Support