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DAX Copilot Unveils AI Enhancements: Announcement and In-Depth Feature Exploration for Healthcare Documentation

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Part 1: Announcing New AI Capabilities for DAX Copilot

Coming Soon: Enhanced AI Features for DAX Copilot

Region: US

Microsoft and Nuance are excited to announce the release of new AI capabilities in DAX Copilot. These enhancements will enable clinicians to streamline workflows, save time, and improve patient care.

New AI-Powered Functionality

With these new features, you can:

  • Summarize clinical information
  • Receive documentation improvement suggestions
  • Automatically edit and stylize content
  • Transform clinical conversations into additional outputs

Key Features

Style and Formatting Customizations

  • Applies your style preferences automatically or on-demand via a new style wizard.

Change Pronouns

  • Updates pronouns throughout the summary.

Recording Suggestions

  • Provides suggestions to improve note quality based on AI analysis of your recordings.

Summarize Encounter

  • Offers summaries and key takeaways for quick reference before signing the note.

Summarize Evidence

  • Produces insights about diagnoses with referenced evidence from transcripts and draft notes.

Draft After-Visit Summary

  • Creates a patient-friendly summary detailing visit education and instructions.

Draft Referral Letter

  • Drafts a starter referral letter for other physicians or clinics.

Important Information

Watch for these AI capabilities to appear automatically for all DAX Copilot clinicians using Dragon Medical One within the next four weeks as we stage the rollout.

Train Your DAX Copilot

New to DAX Copilot? Learn about all efficiency and timesaving features available through our 15-minute on-demand sessions to optimize your experience and significantly reduce documentation time.

Learn More About DAX Copilot

For more information about DAX Copilot or to refer others, please visit voiceautomated.com/dax-copilot-dragon-ambient-experience/.

Part 2: Discover the AI Capabilities in DAX Copilot


The AI capabilities in DAX Copilot enable you to streamline workflows, save time, and improve care. Key features include:

  • Summarizing clinical information
  • Suggesting improvements to documentation
  • Automatically editing and stylizing content
  • Transforming clinical conversations into additional outputs

These features are accessible via straightforward buttons and a style wizard, available in ambient and edit modes. Note that using the latest version of the PowerMic Mobile app is required for mobile functionality.

Finding AI Capabilities

  • Access via mobile or desktop app.
  • Style wizard available only on the desktop app but applies settings to both mobile and desktop apps.
  • Use the Copilot button to access AI capabilities.
  • The Copilot button’s position varies based on whether the summary has been edited or not.

AI Capabilities on Mobile and Desktop Apps

  • Mobile app: Copilot button located towards the top right of the screen.
  • Desktop app: Copilot button located towards the top right of the screen.

Best practice recommends applying AI capabilities after completing all recordings to avoid redoing the process.

Style Wizard

Guides you through defining your style preferences for clinical summaries, including:

  • Auto-run settings
  • Detail levels
  • Date and time formats
  • Patient pronouns
  • Formatting options for different sections

AI Capabilities in Detail

  • Apply my style: Applies defined style preferences automatically or on-demand.
  • Change pronouns: Changes pronouns throughout the summary.
  • Get recording suggestions: Provides suggestions for improving note quality.
  • Summarize encounter: Condenses the encounter into a summary.
  • Summarize diagnosis evidence: Provides insights about diagnoses with referenced evidence.
  • Draft after-visit summary: Creates a patient-friendly summary of the visit.
  • Draft referral letter: Creates a starter referral letter for a physician or clinic.

These features enhance documentation efficiency and quality, providing clinicians with powerful tools to optimize their workflows.

Ready to experience the power of DAX Copilot? Begin your trial today by visiting https://voiceautomated.com/dax-trial-sign-up/ and discover how AI can transform your clinical documentation process.

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