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Dragon (DMO, DMD, DPA, DLA) Web Extension

This release resolved the issue of auto-scrolling of the text control in focus upon dictation in SIS and gGastro (Modernizing Medicine) EMR.

Note: Web Extension should update automatically. If your organization centralizes the deployment of extensions, please work internally to deploy this update.

Download: Dragon (DMO, DMD, DPA, DLA) Web Extension


Dragon Medical Cloud services provide speech recognition for Dragon Medical One and hundreds of partner applications. We recognize the critical role we play in real-time speech recognition and have developed a real-time Service Status Page to provide more transparency to our users and IT administrators in the event of a service disruption. This status dashboard provides up-to-the-minute detail on the health of our Dragon Medical Cloud services. In the event of a service disruption, administrators and users can go to this page to review the affected operations and receive prompt updates on remediation status. The status of the services is automatically updated by our data center monitoring and alerting system. If you see an issue listed on the page, we assure you that Nuance is triaging the problem.

We encourage users to bookmark this page as well as the Dragon Medical Cloud Uptime Report for historical insight into our overall uptime and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance.

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