Dragon Medical One 2021.4

Voice Automated is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of Dragon Medical One (DMO) 2021.4, expected for release on November 30, 2021.


For customers with a Citrix virtual environment: Existing MS Edge Webview2 runtime installations: If your environment is a Citrix virtual environment hosting DMO, then an additional registration key setup is needed.

New MS Edge WebView2 runtime installations: Nuance is preparing exciting changes in DMO to display richer content, and improve usability in the DMO personalization and help window (What can I say, Managed Vocabulary and Plugins are examples). Machines running the upcoming DMO 2021.4 release will require Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime for fully supported functionality. It is important to note that there will be a grace period through the end of 2021 for machines without WebView2. As a result, new functionality such as the integration of partner application MDCalc will only be supported if updated, and existing functionality will have a degraded experience starting in 2022.

Configuration File Action Needed for Hotkey representation: As a result of an enhancement, for all upgrades to 2021.4, the configuration file will need to have the exact UI representation of a hotkey entered in the microphone setting of the "sod.exe.config" configuration file. Example: "PressHotkey" that was entered as "!" will need to change to "Shift + 1" to execute "!" if the English US keyboard layout is used. Please reach out to Support if additional assistance is required.  


Basic Text Control for Chrome URLs:
Dictation at the cursor within the new workspace of MPages is now supported.Basic Text Control allows users to dictate at the cursor and insert text using their voice into unknown text fields. Some Chrome-based EHRs may not perform well in Full Text Control. To mitigate this, the existing Basic Text Control has been offered in the "sod.exe.config" configuration file for specified URL addresses. Once configured for a specific text string within the URL of any site representing the embedded EHR or productivity tools (Word, Outlook, etc.) within Chrome, your Dragon Bar will switch to Basic Text Control if the focus is directed to that window. Note: There is an updated Chrome extension needed for this feature to work, which will be available near this release date. Please refer to the administration guide for more details on configuration.

Password reset functionality in DMO client:
DMO has a new ‘Forgot password’ option on the login screen which allows users to reset the password without reaching out to the administrator. This option is only available if the authentication type is set to native. The user's email address must be registered to the user's account in the NMC.

Cerner MPages Workspace:
Dictation at the cursor within the new workspace of MPages is now supported..  

Alternative commands for Anchor Speech Focus
More straightforward commands for users are now introduced. Additional primary anchoring voice commands from "anchor speech focus" and "release speech focus" to “anchor dictation” and “release dictation,” respectively. 

Improved reliability of Step-by-step Commands in Hyperspace Web activities
DMO has improved reliability when executing steps in Hyperspace Web to ensure synchronization with the EHR.

DMO now supports dictation at the cursor in Cerner Millennium rich text editors based on TX TextControl X19 for .NET available in Cerner Millennium v. 2018.10 and above.


DMO 2021.4 contains notable bug fixes that address application disruptions listed below. The forthcoming "Now Available" announcement will include release notes with detailed information.
  • Epic Hyperspace August 2020 reports an error: "An action cannot be completed because a component (EDManagerSelector) is not responding" during DMO usage.
  • When migrating from DMO 5.0 to the most recent DMO an error was reported: "Failed to start the workflow broker." 
  • When creating an Auto-text, an apply all and save no longer results from hitting the enter key in the content section creation.
  • Cerner PowerChart memory leak addressed.
  • Cerner PowerChart dictation and advice request with advisor information is now displayed as expected.
  • Cerner PowerChart in a multi-hop environment has improved communication to change from PowerMic II/III to PMM without the DMO client freezing.
  • Improved messaging for changing a password inside DMO client that does not comply with the password policy rules.
  • Improved speed of transfer text from dictation box to unsupported edit controls.
  • Improved time to execute Accept defaults command in MS Word.