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Dragon Medical One Cost

Dragon Medical One Cost

Dragon Medical One Cost

The cost of Dragon Medical One is subjective to each medical provider. Over the years, we’ve found that most medical providers see time savings of utmost importance.  Most doctors report spending more time with patients and family after using Dragon Medical One.  Conversely, not all medical providers we’ve met see things this way.  For some, it’s about the price, the discounts and the deals and if the price isn’t low, there is no interest.  At Voice Automated, you will always be offered the best deal.  For those that choose not to use Dragon Medical One, it’s more typing or expensive medical transcription companies.  This continues the cycle of reduced patient care, reduced time with Family and continued cost for medical transcription.

Dragon Medical One Real cost:

Dragon Medical One is priced per medical provider, whether an MD, DO, PA, NP, RN or other designation. This software also referred to as DMO consists of 2 charges. The first is the Onboard Fee and the second is the monthly subscription plan.  DMO does not have a 1-time price as did it’s predecessor, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. (Dragon Medical Practice Edition was discontinued in 2021 and is no longer sold or supported. Please beware of SCAM Dealers trying to sell this product)

Each provider pays the Onboard Fee and one of the 3 subscription plans as below:

Dragon Medical One Onboard Fee $525 per user.  Many practices believe this means per practice but the Onboard fee is for each user and pays for technical support, product updates, as-needed training and white glove customer service.

Dragon Medical One has 3 subscription plans:

  •  1 year plan costs $99 per provider per month for 12 months.
  • 2 year plan costs $89 per provider per month for 24 months
  • 3 year plan costs $79 per provider per month for 36 months

Upgrade to Dragon Medical One from Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 or 4: 

If you have Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 or 4 you can use the upgrade sku for ordering Dragon Medical One and receive the 3 year rate for a 1 year plan.  Just ask us to assist! 

Paying for Dragon Medical One:

Payments accepted are credit card, ACH payment or ACH credit.

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