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Dragon Medical One for Telemedicine

Dragon Medical One and Telemedicine

Dragon Medical One is a valuable tool for doctors providing telemedicine services. With Dragon Medical One or DMO for short, doctors can create accurate, detailed, and timely clinical documentation. Here are some ways Dragon Medical One can supercharge telemedicine:

  1. Voice-to-Text Transcription: Dragon Medical One uses advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe the doctor’s voice into text, allowing doctors to capture the patient encounter accurately and efficiently. This saves time and effort, allowing doctors to focus on the patient’s needs.
  2. Improved Documentation Quality: Dragon Medical One is designed specifically for clinical documentation and can recognize medical terminology, acronyms, and abbreviations. This ensures doctors produce accurate and complete documentation, improving patient care and reducing the risk of medical errors.
  3. Real-time Documentation: The benefit of telemedicine is time savings. With Dragon Medical One, doctors document patient encounters in just minutes without the need for typing. Patients can then access their completed medical encounter online in just minutes instead of having to wait until the next day or even several days.
  4. Mobile Accessibility: Dragon Medical One is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you are at home or the office, Dragon Medical One is ready to go.

Overall, Dragon Medical One helps doctors in telemedicine by improving documentation quality, reducing documentation time, and enabling real-time documentation of patient encounters.


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Useful information on Dragon Medical One:

Dragon Medical One is licensed by provider. This means that each provider has their own voice profile. That voice profile can be accessed on any number of Windows computer devices. Dragon Medical One is priced the same for each provider. There is an onboard fee of $525, per provider, which includes all of your training, support and updates. There are different commitment levels: 1 year at $99 per user/month|2 years at $89 per user/month and | 3 years at $79 per user/month.

Dragon Medical One works with hundreds of electronic medical record and telemedicine systems.

For the best experience with Dragon Medical One, always call Voice Automated.com at 1-800-597-6600.


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