How many computers can Dragon Medical be installed on?

We see this question a lot, there are two answers. It depends on your version of Dragon. If you have Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, you can put the software on up to 4 computers. This works well if you have multiple locations, want to install it on a laptop, at home or have several exam rooms. Keep in mind though Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 licensing is one user one license, but installation on up to 4 computers.

Dragon Medical One is much different. You can install Dragon Medical One on as many computers as you like.  This works really well when there are multiple locations, dictation stations, etc. The licensing is also one user one license. But different users can share the same workstation as long as each user logs in with their respective IDs. This will allow Dragon Medical One to load your vocabulary, auto texts and your voice pattern for the best accuracy possible.