Incoming Calls May Interrupt PowerMic Mobile App

If using PowerMic Mobile (PMM) on your smart device, certain behaviors may have been noted when receiving incoming phone calls. These behaviors can differ depending upon whether the device is iOS or Android.

iOS – iPhone

In the case of an iOS (iPhone) device, when dictating in PMM and an incoming call is received, the iOS shifts to its phone screen (image below) prompting to Accept or Decline the incoming call. This forces PMM to the background, turning PPM’s microphone “OFF” until the call status is determined.

This occurs immediately upon detecting the incoming call and may result in some part of the dictation being omitted as the PMM input is stopped.

Currently, this is working as expected and this behavior is ultimately governed by Apple and iOS. There is no setting in iOS to modify this behavior at this time; incoming calls will result in the above screen. The alternative is to turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode which will block the incoming call-related process completely.

Android – Various

Depending on your Android version, and in some cases the make and model of your device, this behavior may vary. In a typical scenario you will receive a banner on top of the PMM app indicating there is an incoming call (image below). However, in this case unless you Accept the call, PMM will continue to function as expected. This allows some flexibility in how an incoming call is handled. The call can be immediately accepted or declined, or it may provide a window to complete your current dictation prior to accepting the call.