Dragon Medical One Switching Between Target Applications

When working with several applications running at the same time and you want to switch the speech focus for Dragon Medica One to dictate from one target application to another, say “switch to <application>” and continue dictating.

The target application you have switched to is brought to the foreground and the text is recognized there. A “switch to <application>” voice command is created for each application that is opened.

For example, to switch between Notepad, Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer, say “switch to Notepad”, “switch to Microsoft Word” and “switch to Internet Explorer”.

Additional Information

  • The “switch to <application>” command is not executed if the target application you want to switch to is minimized.
  • Make sure to check the cursor position before dictating into the target application you have switched to.
  • Switching to target applications hosted in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome is not supported. For example, you can switch to Internet Explorer, but you cannot switch to a web application hosted in Internet Explorer.

To learn more and to keep current with any changes to this topic, review this information within the Dragon Medical One Desktop Client Help (click the DragonBar Menu > Help).